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Tiantian, February 2019, China

This river safari definitely is THE highlight of my India trip. It offered me a rare opportunity to learn more about the country. For now, besides rich culture, different religious beliefs, animals on the roads, vegetable free markets..., I also know people like you who love nature and care about the well-being of wild animals. I can sense your passion. 

With regard to this safari per se, it’s fantastic. Starting from the chat before the trip, you were always considerate. It’s the first time I had a chance to see those rare birds, turtles, crocodiles, so closely. The view on the river was so different from that on the street. Here, there’s no hustle and bustle, instead, people can see how birds, crocodiles and turtles enjoying their lives. Couple of days before the safari started, it rained, Kunal suggested a good timing for this experience. Our dear friends were desperate for sunshine. For people who are hesitate to join Kunal out of safety reason, well, based on my experience, the safari was safe. Also, there were seasoned captains, who knew nearly every detail about the river and our wild friends. 

I’d like to share my river safari experience with my friends. And recommend them to also experience this special safari when they visit Agra.

Marvie, February 2019, Singapore

I did an impromptu travel plan to India not knowing where to go and how to get to places. Kunal came to the rescue and happily arranged everything for me. I stayed a night in Delhi in a very comfortable B&B. I didn’t have any expectations as my goal was to see Taj Mahal and that’s it. Little did I know, there’s this really nice Tomb near my B&B and Kunal helped me arrange to see it just in time before all the tourist came. I’m so glad we went there earlier and enjoyed the peace of the place. 

Fast forward, Kunal arranged a comfortable bus ride for me to Agra since the train is not available on a Friday. I enjoyed the ride with all the sceneries and authentic Indian culture that comes with it.

He showed me amazing places in Agra and places I wouldn’t have thought of if I went alone. The Taj, Agra Fort, Baby Taj. He know’s where to get the best photos not to mention his impeccable photo skills too. 

Tara, January 2019, Canada

Thank you Kunal for the opportunity to explore places off the beaten tourist path in and around Agra. Agra is so much more than the Taj Mahal and people should stay and explore this beautiful place. The adventure to explore Madhya Pradesh temples and ruins was the highlight of my visit. We felt safe with you even on the winding roads through the villages. Kudos to you for finding this niche in the tourist market. Keep it special and continue to look for other unique opportunities for off the beaten path adventures.
Anshuman, January 2019, Delhi

Kunal planned a wonderful visit to Corbett National Park where we stayed inside the Forest in one of the Forest Rest Houses, a very rare opportunity. From breathing the fresh air to experiencing wild life in its true form, and taking pictures of the milky way, Kunal really made the experience very fulfilling and uplifted my spirits for a great year ahead. I have done 3 trips with Kunal already and I look forward to many more journeys with him in the coming times.

Brigadier & Mrs. Uberoy, November 2018, Gurgaon

As senior citizens, we thought we were seasoned travellers, till we went to Kota last week. It was a family friendly trip organised for a group of Boy Scouts, parents and even grand parents at Sukhdham Kothi in Kota. The place was a veritable paradise for breathing fresh air, eating traditional food and watching nature come alive. It seemed to calm our nerves and relax our senses. The Chambal valley was out of this world. The Chambal river was huge and deep but also calm and mysterious. We were told that crocodiles were lurking beneath the surface. We didn’t get to see them but they definitely must have seen us. 

A boat trip on the river was a wonderful lesson in bird watching, revealing nesting vultures in steep gorges, owls who fixed their eyes on us, herons lifting up gracefully and storks that ignored us completely. As a botanist, I enjoyed the unusual flora and fauna. The trip was flawlessly organised. Kunal Jain was extremely knowledgeable, Keshav, our host from Sukhdham Kothi, regaled us with stories that created cherished memories. They were patient, attentive, practical and elevated our experiences. It was a memorable trip and we fostered a deep connection to the location.

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I will learn” said Benjamin Franklin. And I will add “It was a holiday to remember.” 

Vikas, August 2018, Bangalore

I along with another friend from New York sought Kunal’s help in finalising a 9 days Ladakh experience. It turned out to be a great trip, the stays and the route planning was just awesome. The driver we got was really good and he made even the most treacherous of ride very comfortable. His team took care of all permits also. Will recommend him to all who are looking for any help in planning tours.

Manoj, May 2018, Jaipur

I along with two more friends happened to travel with Kunal in Kumaun hills (Uttarakhand) in the last week of April 2018 for about 5 days. It was great being with him since he knew most of the places around Nainital at the back of his hand. He made our arrangements for stay in very unique lesser known cottages offering mesmerising views. The most important part of the stay I found was the presence of personalised touch. The special recipes of food that were served were amazing. Kumaun style chicken at one of the places gets special mention here. 

All what we experienced during this journey was the result of the choices made for us by Kunal knowing our taste and so we enjoyed each moment and activity while travelling with him. I had a great trip watching birds which is my passion along with him and would like to go again with him when I get the first opportunity. I strongly recommend him and wish him all the success. 

Ran Levy, February 2018, Israel

I met with Kunal during the Dudhwa Bird fair in Uttar Pradesh. We connected immediately. His sensitivity, intelligence, knowledge, love for nature, humanity and history were immediately protruding. After the Fair, Kunal guided me to the nature of the Chambal, and I was again impressed by his sharp eyes and deep knowledge. As I was really interested more in environmental issues, he really helped me to get to the places I wanted around Agra, and for me it was a very meaningful and useful help. I felt that Kunal is doing his work not only from his head, but may be mostly from his heart. Mostly recommended for anybody who wants to see India’s natural and historical heritage.

Sal, January 2018, United Kingdom

Kunal took us to Bharatpur Bird sanctuary. He collected us from our accommodation in Agra and led us for a great fun morning cycling and spotting wildlife. I found the whole morning very energising and a whole new perspective on travelling in India. It was so easy when he made all the arrangements and I would truly recommend it to other travellers to take time out for a calm, enriching and connecting experience and so easy to slot into visit to Agra and great to connect with the landscape. Kunal also emailed us pictures so I looked like an amazing wildlife photographer to all my pals afterwards too!!! Unforgettable experience.

Ed, September 2017, Singapore

Kunal helped organised a day trip to Agra followed by a 12 day trip to Ladakh. He did an excellent job organising the entire trip, taking into account our different requirements. The trip to Ladakh was fantastic, planned out to maximise our time, and acting as our interpreter was invaluable in helping us learn more about the region. Fantastic trip with a great guide.

Berlin, August 2017, New York

I was a solo traveler in New Delhi and Kunal arranged an amazing tour for me through Agra to see the Taj Mahal (my lifelong dream) and the Red Fort. He also arranged some great shopping and took me to see Humayun's tomb, some great local posh restaurants and some lovely jazz which was fantastic. I recommend this service if you're planning a trip to India.

Tarun, August 2017, Panipat

Kunal planned a trip for our group to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. On his recommendation we stayed at a heritage property instead of the well known luxury hotel brand and we absolutely loved it. The service, food quality and hospitality was top notch. Even being the summer we were lucky to have great sightings of Tigers along with cubs (never before) on all our safari trips during our stay. I will recommend To Travel With to anyone looking to explore cities in this part of India under the keen eyes of Kunal Jain who takes the extra effort to personalise as per each traveller’s requirement.