Rhinos and Tiger in Dudhwa National Park

Dudhwa National Park

Early morning jungle safari in Dudhwa National Park

If your travels find you in Eastern Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow area) then a trip to Dudhwa National Park is definitely warranted. It's a 4 hour drive from Lucknow and is worth it if you're craving some peace, nature and chances of spotting a tiger and a rhino. 

Dudhwa National Park has some 30+ one horned rhinos and happens to be the only other park in India that has these magnificent beasts besides Kaziranga National Park. 

I was fortunate enough to visit this National Park during the International Uttar Pradesh (UP) Bird Festival which was held for the first time on the fringes of the Park. Organized by the UP Forest Department, it was a 3 day event that was attended by more than 150 delegates from across India and abroad (England, Australia, Israel and France). 

Camping on the fringes of Dudhwa National Park
Camping on the fringes of Dudhwa National Park

We were put up in comfortable tents and food and drinks were provided and hosted by the Forest Department for the duration of the tour. Even the jungle safaris were hosted by the Forest Department. 

It was a great event that consisted of several interactive sessions on conservation and was a great place to network with fellow bird-watchers and wildlife enthusiasts. 

During the three days I spent at the Park, I did four jungle safaris and saw several lifers (first time) birds and luckily after we had given up all hope of seeing a tiger, the king of the jungle decided to show up in front of our vehicle and that too right before day light completely faded out on us!

Crested serpent eagle in Dudhwa National Park
Crested serpent eagle

The forest in Dudhwa National Park is rich in flora and fauna. I loved going on the jungle safaris and spotted for the first time swamp deers, the rare mallard duck, Great Indian hornbill, pied hornbill, grey headed fish eagle, spot bellied eagle owl, emerald dove and the alexandrine parakeet. 

Swamp deer in dudhwa national park
Swamp deer

I did not see any rhinos and that is also because to see them you have to go on elephant safari which I didn't end up doing. Leaving some things for my next visit to Dudhwa National Park.

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Video Credits: The video of the tiger was taken by Prasanna who was in the same safari as I was.