Agra from an Insider's Perspective

Go beyond the Taj

Weird things in India
Train crossing through busy marketplace and home in Old Agra

In this experience, To Travel With takes you to not only the main tourist attractions in Agra (Taj Mahal and Agra Fort) but also activities and attractions that #gobeyondthetaj. 

Bar-headed Geese in Chambal River near Agra
Bar-headed Geese in Chambal River near Agra

Believe it or not, there is more to Agra than just a day trip comprising of a  speedy visit to the Taj, taking standard cheesy pictures in front of it, being rushed to some random restaurant which will most certainly give you the infamous 'delhi belly' followed by an equally whirlwind tour of Agra Fort! 

Itmad-ud-daulah or Baby Taj
Itmad-ud-daulah or Baby Taj

I (Kunal), show you Agra from an insider's point of view. Sadly, most guides in Agra don't take the initiative to take you to the lesser known but outstanding places as they work with 'sales targets' i.e. lets get maximum clients, so we can maximize our earnings, with as little effort and time as possible and of course lets take them shopping so we get commissions from purchasing what typically ends up being junk or fake! 

Indian street food
Bedvi - Street food in Agra

That's NOT how To Travel With works. If you are spending money to hang out with me, I will take you to places that you probably wouldn't have heard of and share with you entertaining stories of what it is to move back to India and Agra after living 17 years abroad, India then and now, travel, food, wildlife, customs, strange habits we Indians have, busting some myths you may have and more. 

Marble inlay work
Marble inlay work

If this is your first time in Agra, I hope you spend more than 1 night in my city or at least get in contact with me when you are planning and before you book your India trip. I might just be able to convince you to stay on for longer!

Early morning view of the Taj from a secret hidden spot
Early morning view of the Taj from a secret hidden spot

What I can show you in Agra depends on how much time you have here. So typically on the first day we cover the tourist attractions and then we add places of interest based on your preferences, interests and time. Some experiences which my guests have throughly enjoyed include:
  • Photo session of the Taj from secret hidden spots (see photos on my Instagram handle @totravelwith)
  • Street food (hygienic) and local market walk
  • Visit to Itmad-ud-daulah or Baby Taj
  • Visit to Sikandra (Akbar's tomb)
  • Old Agra city tour
  • Shoe factory tour
  • Mughal heritage walk
  • Kabootar bazi (pigeon flying)
  • Marble inlay work (by artists)
  • The art of Zardori (Mughal era hand stitching on cloth)
  • Wildlife and bird-watching (weather dependent)
  • Ancient Shiva temples (1 hour drive from Agra)
  • Chambal River Safari (1 hour drive from Agra)
  • Kheetam and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuaries (1 hour drive from Agra)

If you are planning a trip to Agra or want to know the off beat things do do here, then, please email or call  / whatsapp +919717148483. You can also complete this form can: